PERSmobile - Mobility with additional security

PERSmobile is the freedom version of our famous Vega GPS watch. It provides the most reliable call for help whenever needed and when the wearer is out and about or just relaxing at home. PERSmobile stands for additional security and the wearer and the loved ones know help is available by a simple button press anywhere.

One single button press will relay an alert to a professional monitoring service or directly to the responsible carer. A two-way voice call can also be initiated, either automatically or by calling the device. This helps to assess the urgency of the situation and appropriate assistance can be dispatched to the correct location.

PERSmobile makes it possible for vulnerable people to live safely in their own homes. Typically, the target groups that benefit immensely from PERSmobile include seniors, people recovering from accidents or illnesses, or other users with a propensity to need help in unexpected locations or situations.

PERSmobile can be set to either track the wearer or to be available only when the call for assistance button is depressed. If the continuous tracking is disabled, the watch will work for weeks on one single recharge.

PERSmobile can be recharged while the device stays on the wearer’s wrist utilizing our clip-on charge cell.

There are several special features the PERSmobile solution comprises:
  • Constant means of calling for help anywhere
  • The functionality does not limit the wearer to the confines of a home or place
  • High quality voice communication
  • A watch that is fully waterproof (IP57) to allow for constant wearing
  • Clear time display
  • A predefined phone book for GSM calls
  • Locating the device and wearer is possible even without an alert
  • Easy and protected access to user interface and finder software
  • Device can be set to life style adopted automatic geofencing, i.e. like on the Vega, it can have multiple safe zones that are time driven.

PERSmobile is the Vega Freedom and really knocks down the four walls for people who want to remain active or regain their vitality