Lyra - Wireless mobile telecare alarm

Lyra is the Entirely Wireless and Mobile Care System

Lyra is the latest version of the mass deployed Finnish "Everon Care" system. Everon Lyra is the only entirely wireless and mobile care system.

Our customers have taught us they need a system that is

  • Instant to install
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Economical and scalable

Needs change rapidly, your system should be able to do the same

A Lyra base station is installed in minutes and instantly connects to the remote, secured Lyra servers. The Lyra system delivers the same ease of use to all customers ranging from large nursing homes to individual residential care.

Once installed, Lyra offers full flexibility to add, change or move telecare devices, sensors, and other equipment with its intuitive PRESS & PLAY feature. It is easy for any member of staff to add new devices at any time.

How to pay only for what is needed?

No local PC or server is installed for Lyra, everything works out of the box. Lyra provides positive economies by allowing several systems to run on its platform. By having interoperability with building control, fire alarms, passage control, elopement prevention, and other systems, parallel investments can be avoided.
Lyra is a remotely supervised solution eliminating service calls and associated downtimes. Every connection is constantly monitored and alerts are sent automatically enabling instant reaction.

What does Lyra cost?

Lyra is an economic investment. Without any cabling or switches it is easy to install and implement. Lyra is a stand-alone system removing the need and cost of separate telephone systems or back-up power (UPS). The system can flexibly be extended at any time in reaction to the changeing needs.

The fixed operating cost of Lyra is also very economical. These include delivery of alarms, system supervision, automatic monitoring of all devices, all updates on software and base firmware, data connections, SIM-cards, customer support with ability to remotely troubleshoot and change settings.

Your quotation will be tailored based on your needs.

Lyra is much more than a nurse call system

In addition Lyra can integrate or control

  • Passage control, access control and gate phones
  • Staff safety alerts, lone worker protection and assistance requests
  • Automatic operation of environmental and electric systems
  • Elopement prevention and resident monitoring with personalised settings