Vega is a specifically designed system that promotes independent and active living for people with dementia. It sends alert to responsible carer or an alarm center when the wearer exits a defined safe zone. The waterproof GPS bracelet has also a panic button to actively call for help or assistance. Vega has secured wrist band, long operation times and wireless charging and it is designed for constant use.

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Everon Lyra is the ultimate, intelligent, wireless telecare alarm. The flexible system is continuously monitored and allows totally wire free installation in nursing homes and other care facilities. Passage control, bed sensors, waterproof alert buttons and PRESS & PLAY pairing of new devices allow for economical, easy and adaptable usage. An intuitive and graphical administration tool makes it easy to manage the system with any computer.

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Urgentys is the most feature rich lone worker protection device on the market today. Waterproof and robust design, two way hands-free communication and display for messaging and pictures are just a few features that make Urgentys the device of choice for professional use. Connections to different alarm center platforms are available as well as an SDK tool.

PERSmobile offers mobility and security to an ageing population. PERSmobile provides its users with freedom of movement. It allows ageing persons to live longer in their home environment or enables earlier release from hospital. Also other users who may need assistance get assurance and security from PERSmobile GPS watch with an alert button, location and communication features.