Professional users

Professional users

Vega for professionals users

Dementia is the single most important reason for nursing home admission. The location aware Vega solution can significantly delay nursing home admission for wearers. The health impacts may be significant and can help to reduce private and public spending.

The Vega solution is a good replacement for facility resources. In many countries, facility care is crumbling with full capacity already. With the location aware Vega solution wearers can keep active instead of being locked in.

Everon’s Vega solution is a game changer that can save lives and bring an active aging to people who could not have that otherwise. The Vega can be the solution that allows a wearer to return from hospitalization or facility care. Wearers can live longer and get well in a familiar environment.

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Lyra for professional users

Everon Lyra is widely used in assisted living communities, retirement facilities and special care units. Thousands of Everon Lyra users live in facilities run by local authorities, private housing and care providers and charitable institutions. Working with parties who develop, build and maintain high quality service and facilities for different levels of care is our specialty. Flexible and fast planning, installation and deployment have created long-lasting partnerships with key players in the care operations. Thanks to the fully wire-free system and use of remote server structure that is monitored 24/7 Everon Lyra is the secure and future-proof solution for care providers.

Everon Lyra is the perfect solution to deploy also in rented facilities and temporary locations where change is normal and efficient use of facilities is a must. The cable-free installation gives care teams the adaptive and efficient use of the solution and its devices. Lyra allows to make changes through the intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface remotely and you can easily add new alert and monitoring devices with the PRESS and PLAY method.

An additional advantage with the practical system is that workloads and staff efficiency can be optimized. This means both better operational results as well as higher job satisfaction with team members.

If you are considering to renew your existing systems or you are planning to build a new care facility, make sure you ask an Everon authorized representative to consult you first.

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Urgentys for professionals

As the most feature rich lone worker protection solution Urgentys provides a security tool with many practical added value features. The Urgentys optimizes work efficiency as a worker does not have to first come to the office to report but can instead manage the shift through the Urgentys watch and commence the working day on site. There are also man down features with automated alerts as well as risk management through the use of pre-alerts. The device and system solution are adopted for continuous use thanks to the clip-on recharging unit.

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PERSmobile for professionals

The PERSmobile solution is meant for people with cognitive capacity. This saves loads of working time for facility caregivers or homecare nurses as they can allow the wearer to freely go out for strolls and walks outside. Help is always available through a simple button press and as PERSmobile does not track a wearer unless needed, the battery lasts longer and requires less attention from staff.

Everon’s PERSmobile changes the life of people who are suffering from heart conditions or are recovering from illness or accidents. For hospitals and insurance companies, the PERSmobile gives relief through earlier discharge.

A PERSmobile can at any moment be altered to a Vega with geofencing and wandering prevention if a PERSmobile users condition deteriorates.

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